Posted June 17, 2015
By Burton Miller

How to Unsubscribe from Safari and Chrome Notifications


On average, less than 10% of subscribers opting in for notifications on a given site will unsubscribe in a year’s time. Web notifications generally stick. People like the channel.

But there are times when you’ll want to unsubscribe from a brand’s web push feed. This article is for those times.

In this article, we’ll walk you through unsubscribing from notifications for a particular site at the system level. In the coming weeks you will see more personal, on-page notification controls begin to appear on your favorite sites. But for now you’ll need to unsubscribe via the browser settings.

Let’s walk through an unsubscribe scenario on both Chrome and the Mac.

Let’s say you signed up for notifications on Noob.Ninja on a whim, thinking that you would like to know every little tidbit of ninjitsu news, and get updates when cool new ninja weapons and outfits were available. But then after a time, you determined that you had invited too much ninja into your life and decided to dial it back.

To unsubscribe from Noob.Ninja Chrome notifications, first click on the Chrome ‘bell’ icon on the top bar (bottom on Windows). If you can’t see the bell, then toggle the Chrome menu -> Show Notification Icon.

Now click the ‘gear’ icon.

You should now see your subscriptions, and can quickly locate

Unchecking the box next to removes it from your subscriptions.
This removes the subscription entirely, so you might not be the first one to get that fuchsia ninja outfit. Choices, choices.

Or you may have signed up for less-exiciting-than-expected ninja news on Safari. In this case, you will first click on the Safari Menu -> Preferences.

You can now see the Safari preferences. Click the ‘Notifications’ tab. Your subscriptions should be visible, including the Noob.Ninja site that we looking for.

There are two ways to unsubscribe from a notification on Safari. The first is very simple: Next to Noob.Ninja are two radio buttons. Click ‘Deny’ and you will no longer receive notifications from Better stock up on your throwing stars now.

You can also remove the registration entirely, which will allow a site to re-prompt you. To do that, select the row containing Noob.Ninja, and then click the ‘Remove’ button at the bottom. Maybe you are not interested in a new ninja sword (ninja-to) right now, but when you get more yen in the bank, your feelings may change. This is the way to go in these cases.

Finally, you may need to unsubscribe (from ninja gear alerts!) on your Android phone or tablet.

First, you’ll need to open Chrome on your Android device. Click the menu in on the upper right. Find and select ‘Settings.’ Find and select ‘Site Settings.’
unsubscribe-from-android-chrome-notifications chrome-menu android-chrome-setting
Find and select ‘Notifications.’ Find ‘’ and select it. Select ‘Clear & Reset.’

unsub-android-4 android-delete-alert
Confirm that you are deleting the notifications for that site. And the notifications for that site are disabled! You’ll have to go back to the site and sign up again if you get another case of ninja fever.
android-delete-notifications-confrirmation android-notifications

And That’s It
The purpose of notifications is to provide timely information you care about. Subscribing and unsubscribing are both part of that experience, and now you have the how-to under your belt. But keep an eye out for the upcoming in-page notification customization experiences — these are coming soon, and they will put you in more firmly in control of your personal infosphere.

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