Posted August 28, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost On-Site Notification Center Allows Users to Catch-Up On What They Missed


Like many Roost users, you may be using Roost right now to reach out to your audience when they are away from your site (that’s the primary use of push notifications). But often audience members may miss out on some of those notifications when they’re away from their computer or not paying attention — Roost click-through rates average around 5% which is amazing and still higher than almost every industry’s email click-through rates according to Mail Chimp, but what about the other 95% of your audience?

That is where The Bell comes in.

The Roost Bell provides an on-site notification center, where only your messages are shown, and only the ones sent to that particular user. When a user comes to your site they will instantly see how many notifications they have missed, and will not have to sort through the notifications sent by other sites and brands. Just yours. Just for them. With live updates.

The Bell can also be customized to fit into your navigation bar, or use your colors. Customization options are built into the Settings->Opt-In area of the Roost dashboard — and the Roost support team can help you with tweak the experience for your site.

When your users open up The Bell, they can see your latest updates — with images — and sharing options. Early results on The Bell show that site owners and users love it.

Best of all, The Bell works on almost any browser. Even the ones that don’t support off-site notifications yet. Even the old and cranky ones.

Most interestingly, The Bell is useful for ALL of your users. Visitors that come to your site for the first time and users that have been subscribed for your Roost notifications for years will both see your updates every time they visit your site.

The latest version of Roost features The Bell as a standard part of the user experience. No extra cost or setup. Come by and check it out.

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