Posted August 12, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost Works for Everybody – SSL Not Required


When Chrome notifications were first released, some were disappointed that web push was restricted to SSL/HTTPS sites – at least for Chrome. And while we agree with the security precautions motivating Chrome’s decision, we immediately began working on a solution that allowed non-SSL sites to use push notifications too. We believe that SSL is the the future of the web, but transitions from non-SSL to SSL will take time. So we wanted to help ease the transition.

Roost has broken down the barrier between web push and the SSL requirement in two powerful ways. All sites served over the standard internet can now get true push notifications.

Off-Site Notifications
Off-site notifications are now available on Mac OS, Windows, Android, and Linux. Your site does not have to be open in a tab or window for these notifications to work. This powerful aspect of the Roost technology currently functions on Safari and Chrome, with many other browsers coming on board in the coming months. And, at last, your users can be subscribed for these even if your site is not secure (although, really, you should consider making your site secure).

And although it’s possible for Roost to enable Chrome notifications for non-SSL sites, it requires some coordination between your brand and our technology. There is a long version that explains how all this magic happens, but the short version is that we host a secure subdomain where the system level registration occurs. (Chrome requires SSL at the point of registration.)

If this is intriguing to you, contact us for more information.

On-Site Notifications and The Bell
Roost now provides The Bell – a notification center, which is always visible on your site. This allows users to get your latest updates. Virtually all browsers support on-site Roost notifications. The Bell is also a place where users can subscribe for off-site notifications — as well as a place to share your content (The Bell is popular with our early adopters).

Whatever kind of public website you have, we’ll make it work. Signup for an account here, or reach out for a conversation.

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