Posted August 24, 2015
By Burton Miller

New Roost WordPress Plugin Available – Adding Customized Post Images & More


The new Roost WordPress Plugin has just been released, and we recommend that all sites using the plugin perform the simple upgrade.

What’s new in this release? Lots of magnificent customizations and enhancements!

You may have heard about the new Roost on-site notifications. This elegant functionality allows your users to access their notifications and Roost settings while on your site. Users who have not subscribed yet can also see your latest updates, and you can even tailor these just for the unsubscribed to drive more conversions!

All of this functionality lives under an elegant ‘Bell’ icon, which you can customize to suit your site in several ways.

The Bell is now available from the Roost WordPress Plugin.

Roost support for custom notification images is now available directly in the Roost WordPress plugin. You may have already been using this feature to deliver content-specific images with your Chrome notifications from the Roost Dashboard.

Now when you send notifications via the latest plugin, your Chrome notifications will automatically include the featured image from your post (if present), instead of your default icon.

A big update is headed your way from the Google Chrome team in the next few weeks. The new Version M45 will bring all the delights of enhanced security, Bluetooth support, new Javascript and CSS features — and it will also bring change to the way notifications work behind the scenes. Fortunately, Roost is ahead of the game and handling this seamlessly; all you need to do is update your WordPress plugin and it will be business as usual.

In addition, this version of the WordPress plugin adds some improvements the way Chrome technology is deployed — solving some small bugs for some sites.

If you are currently using the Roost WordPress plugin, an update is in order. Just click the upgrade button and you should be on your way!

If you are thinking about using Roost for WordPress, there has never been a better time with this feature-packed upgrade. Reach out to us with any questions or suggestions on how we can make the experience better for you!

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