Posted September 11, 2015
By Burton Miller

The New Roost Experience


Communicating with your visitors is a challenge. Engaging them is harder. Capturing drive-by visitors from by social media is exponentially more difficult.

Roost now supports both on and offsite notifications, which means the latest version of Roost works for any site and all major browsers. Our internal metrics show that users who use Roost notifications (or the new Bell notification center) spend an average 5x more time on site. And sometimes significantly more than that.

If you want push notifications for your website, then Roost is the ticket. You can send notifications when your users are on-site and when they are away from your site (for instance, when your site’s tab is closed on the browser you can still message them).

With the new Bell feature, users can quickly find the notifications they missed in one, convenient place — on any page of your site.

And the same is true on mobile.

Roost combines several technologies to deliver notifications on and offsite. Most of these technologies do not require SSL/HTTPS. For example Safari Desktop notifications and Roost onsite notifications.

However, Chrome push notifications do require SSL. if your site is not yet secure, Roost can still provide your site with the service with our CNAME solution. Even so, Roost recommends that you move to SSL, if for no other reason than to protect the security of your audience.

Roost also functions across a vast array of devices and operating systems. Offsite notifications are now available on MacOS, Windows, Linux, and Android using the Safari and Chrome browsers (with more browsers coming soon). On-site notifications will work on all the popular browsers, including those on iOS. Your reach with Roost is the whole world wide web!

THE BELLthe-bell

The Roost Bell is a powerful way to keep onsite visitors tightly engaged. The Bell provides a best practice user experience that we’ve tested extensively and gives audience members all the necessary controls for a great onsite experience. Visitors come to your site and see, at a glance, how many of your notifications are still untapped. Most importantly, they don’t even need to opt-in to be part of this experience.

Anyone can access The Bell, and it can be tailored to fit the look and feel of your site.
Early numbers show that almost 4% of page views generate an interaction with The Bell, and users who engage with The Bell view twice as many pages as other users. People want to know what’s new. The Bell tells them.

Roost can also help you grow audience. Many drive-by users coming from social channels will opt-in for notifications and be driven back to your site when you push to them. Roost subscriber growth typically far exceeds that of social channels like Twitter.

This a distinct advantage of mobile web push vs native app push. With mobile web push, notifications contribute directly to audience growth. This is not the case with native apps, which requires the commitment of an app install before notifications can be used at all. By contrast, a website visitor may elect to opt-in for notifications on the first or subsequent visits. Visitors can effectively take a test-drive before they commit.

There is no better way to share content than through push notifications. The average click-through rate on Roost is over 5%. In addition to higher engagement, Roost delivers more opportunities to engage your audience an than other channels because push notifications can be sent more frequently than email, with the average site sending 3-4 pushes per day. And Push notifications don’t suffer from the extreme noise of Twitter and Facebook and with The Bell, visitors can quickly and easily manage their notifications.

Roost provides a more intimate, 1:1 relationship between brand and audience. In fact, Roost Behavioral Profiling can provide personalized 1:1 messaging at scale (automatically), so this “intimacy” is not theoretical.

Roost provides customization for the subscription experience. You can attempt to opt-in users for notifications on page load, at a later time, or wait for an appropriate situation (such as near the end of a membership process or purchase experience). Our strong recommendation is to configure a user experience that waits until users are familiar with your content and engage with it deeply before offering subscription prompts.

Alternatively, users can discover other subscriptions in The Bell, as they are reading up on the latest hot news on your site. This lighter touch experience is appropriate for many sites.

Getting Roost installed on your site takes only a few minutes. Add a CNAME to your Domain information and one line of Javascript to your site and you are up and running! Then you can begin to customize and optimize when you have time. It’s so easy, that there’s not much else to say!

Sites with HTTPS/SSL support can provide an optimized opt-in experience by installing three additional files.

Once you are up and running, Roost provides a versatile toolkit for customization and optimization, including the ability to add images with your content, which drives a 22% better click-through rate than content without images.

Web notifications are here. Your site can grow its user base, and pull existing users back to your site by keeping them up-to-date with relevant, interesting content, and allowing them to quickly digest anything they might have missed with The Bell features. Take people to the place they want to be: your website.

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