Posted November 12, 2015
By Burton Miller

Firefox Browser Notifications!


This will make you happy: Roost is set to significantly improve your audience reach. How?

Firefox, friends. Firefox.

Before you get too excited, please know this announcement is flying under a beta flag. We’ll obviously give you more details in advance of the release.

But this is still a big moment for all us, one that marks Roost’s ongoing mission to provide you with the most comprehensive, robust web push platform available.

Try it out for yourself, download Firefox Aurora and give it a whirl right here.

Firefox Browser Notifications

In terms of the beta release, bear the following in mind:

  • You’ll need to download the latest Firefox Developer Edition (originally Aurora).
  • Firefox, like Chrome, has issued an intent to deprecate HTTP. So, yes, Firefox also requires the opt-in dialogue to be served on a secure page. We have solutions that help solve for this. Let us know if you need help.
  • Firefox’s default UI/UX suggest the same high performance as Chrome notifications. We’re as curious as you regarding the performance numbers, but we expect good things.

Huge thanks to the Mozilla team for their contribution to the web push ecosystem. We’re especially thankful for the many conversations we’ve had with them leading up to this release.

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