Posted October 20, 2015
By Burton Miller

The Bell Provides Site-Specific Control – As The Chrome Notification Center Sunsets


The next release of Chrome will not include the Chrome Notification Center. This may come as a surprise to some, but according to Tech Crunch, “very few people actually use the notification center.” In the article, Google describes this change as “streamlining the experience on desktop.”


This is not a cause for concern — Notifications and the Notification Center are two separate things. Chrome notifications have been a great success and will continue to work as usual. Roost provides support for Chrome and Safari notifications, with Firefox notifications going live in the (very) near future.

The substantive change is that there will no longer a central place where Chrome notifications (on desktop) will be aggregated across all sources.

But if your audience needs a notification center, don’t fret. Roost recently launched The Bell, which includes an onpage notifications center for your web push subscribers. The Bell provides a list of recent notifications (in case you miss one or two) and settings for a specific website.


The Bell is Roost’s answer to the need for a more site-specific approach. Roost customers have found The Bell to be overwhelmingly useful — Roost-enabled sites are seeing high levels of interaction with The Bell. End-users interacting with the Bell spend on average 5x more time onsite, and view twice as many pages — compared with users who are not interacting with the Bell. The Bell is also more visible, and more clearly part of the site’s functionality.


So no worries about the Chrome Notification Center. And if you are not using The Bell, then come by and give it a try. You can turn it on with a single click on the Roost dashboard!


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