Posted July 1, 2015
By Burton Miller

Localhost Testing With Roost


Though Roost integration is a pretty straightforward affair, you might feel a bit sensitive about testing it out on your live site. Many developers will prefer testing any new technology in a local, private environment. The new Roost Localhost Guide…   Read More

Posted June 17, 2015
By Burton Miller

How to Unsubscribe from Safari and Chrome Notifications


On average, less than 10% of subscribers opting in for notifications on a given site will unsubscribe in a year’s time. Web notifications generally stick. People like the channel. But there are times when you’ll want to unsubscribe from a…   Read More

Posted June 2, 2015
By Burton Miller

Chrome Notifications for Squarespace


Squarespace is a great platform, and many Roosters use it to create amazing web experiences. With the launch of the new Roost Chrome notifications, Squarespace users can now reach a broader audience. This article will cover installing the Roost Chrome…   Read More

Posted May 26, 2015
By Burton Miller

A/B+ (Multivariate) Testing of Push Notifications


Optimizing click-through rates is a critical aspect of content delivery. There are many pieces to this puzzle, including timeliness, targeting (user segmentation), frequency of messaging, and our focus here, the effectiveness of the notification’s text. Roost has a handy tool…   Read More

Posted May 12, 2015
By Burton Miller

Easy SSL for Your Site with CloudFlare


Roost recently added Chrome notifications as a powerful new capability. This features requires SSL due to their ServiceWorker implementation, and other browsers are following the same path. You can set up HTTPS/SSL through your hosting provider, but this is not…   Read More

Posted May 7, 2015
By Burton Miller

New Roost Dashboard: Scheduling Push Notifications


We just explored basic sending and targeting in our last post. Now we’ll move on to Scheduling notifications in the new Roost Dashboard. Scheduling Notifications Regardless of who you are targeting, your notification can be scheduled for later. First, click…   Read More

Posted May 3, 2015
By Burton Miller

New Roost Dashboard: Sending Notifications


The new-and-improved Roost dashboard graduated from beta last week. This week we will continue to explore the new dashboard, taking a look at the different ways that you can send notifications. Sending via the Notification Button To send a notification…   Read More

Posted April 28, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost on the Android Watch!


It may not be obvious, but Roost works out-of-the-box on notification-enabled Android watches! Let’s take a little tour of the experience on a Moto 360. We’ll assume you have your watch synced to your android device, and notifications are enabled….   Read More

Posted April 22, 2015
By Burton Miller

Geek’s Guide to Web Push


Geeks want the scoop on Web Push just like everybody else–but in a bit more detail. 10,000 feet may be too high for the technically inclined, so we’re dropping the plane down to 500 feet for a closer look. Hopefully,…   Read More

Posted April 21, 2015
By Burton Miller

Chrome Notifications vs Safari Notifications – What’s the Difference?


With Roost, you can now push your notifications to Chrome (desktop and mobile) or Safari (desktop) with a single click of a button. Automated notifications are also sent through both channels, as well as your API calls. Roost puts these…   Read More