Posted January 27, 2016
By Burton Miller

Firefox Notifications – Live on Roost


Firefox now supports browser notifications with its latest release: 44. And Roost is there day one with Firefox support. Roost…   Read More

Posted November 12, 2015
By Burton Miller

Firefox Browser Notifications!


This will make you happy: Roost is set to significantly improve your audience reach. How? Firefox, friends. Firefox. Before you…   Read More

Posted November 2, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost and Firefox at View Source


Roost will be attending the ViewSource conference in Portland this week. Two of our founders, Casey Haakenson and Tim Varner…   Read More

Posted October 20, 2015
By Burton Miller

The Bell Provides Site-Specific Control – As The Chrome Notification Center Sunsets


The next release of Chrome will not include the Chrome Notification Center. This may come as a surprise to some,…   Read More

Posted September 29, 2015
By Tim Varner

Roost and Urban Airship Connect


Roost is happy to partner with Urban Airship as part of Connect, a new omni-channel approach to listening and reacting…   Read More

Posted September 11, 2015
By Burton Miller

The New Roost Experience


Communicating with your visitors is a challenge. Engaging them is harder. Capturing drive-by visitors from by social media is exponentially more…   Read More

Posted August 28, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost On-Site Notification Center Allows Users to Catch-Up On What They Missed


Like many Roost users, you may be using Roost right now to reach out to your audience when they are away…   Read More

Posted August 24, 2015
By Burton Miller

New Roost WordPress Plugin Available – Adding Customized Post Images & More


The new Roost WordPress Plugin has just been released, and we recommend that all sites using the plugin perform the…   Read More

Posted August 12, 2015
By Burton Miller

Roost Works for Everybody – SSL Not Required


When Chrome notifications were first released, some were disappointed that web push was restricted to SSL/HTTPS sites – at least…   Read More

Posted July 30, 2015
By Burton Miller

The Bell is Here


Today Roost launched something we’re cleverly calling, “The Bell”. The Bell provides a rich experience around web push notifications. We’ll…   Read More

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