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Send highly targeted and relevant message to your subscribers at the right time in the right place with Roost web push notifications.

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Audience Engagement

Quality over quantity

An effective messaging strategy takes more than increasing send volume -- A targeted or personalized notification can make a world of difference. Roost provides features built upon this philosophy and continues to create new ways to engage your audience leveraging intelligence and automation.


Use existing plugins or integrations (WordPress, Hootsuite, Urban Airship Connect) or an RSS feed to automate sending notifications when new content is created. Optimize workflows or extend reach with one of these options or by building with our robust APIs.

Adblock Detection

Identify and automatically tag site visitors that opt in while using an ad block program or extension. Notifications can reach through the virtual firewall delivering important content or engaging potentially lost impressions.

Geo Targeting

Location-based messaging can be valuable in many contexts. Notifications about regional alerts or local sales can be sent to their intended markets with a simple point and click. Attach multiple locations to a subscriber to enrich and increase a web experience.

Advanced Segmentation

Segment site subscribers into groups based on common interest, content category, or opt-in page. Use subscriber properties, which allows specific detail related to an individual subscriber to be tracked or targeted with notifications.

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