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Empower Your Audience

Introducing... The Bell

The Roost Bell organizes your notifications and gives each audience member full control over their settings.

  • Onsite Reader for Top Stories

    Roost provides a notification center for your audience to discover your most important recent content.

  • Notifications as a Social Catalyst

    Roost allows social sharing of notification content from within Reader, extending the reach of your best content.

  • Customizable Interface

    The Roost reader allows for customizable image placement and headline display.

  • Subscription Controls

    Push subscribers can easily control their notification feed directly from their settings panel. Opting in and out of content couldn't be easier.

Off-Site Notifications

Engage, then Re-Engage

Roost gives you the ability to reach your web traffic when it's not online -- this is the power of push. Offsite notifications currently available in Chrome (desktop and mobile) and Safari (desktop).


Getting Started

Quick & Easy to Setup

Send your first notification in minutes

  • Copy the Roost Javascript

  • Paste it into your site

  • Start sending notifications

1:1 Messaging

Personalized, 1:1 Messaging at Scale

Programmatically send personalized, one-off messages to individual audience members

  • Increased Relevance

    Personalized content resonates with high relevancy.

  • Increased Conversion

    Higher relevancy means higher per notification conversion.

  • Decreased Noise

    Emphasize quality over quantity to limit notification noise.

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